Thursday, 22 August 2013

MoJ Wants to Reform the PPI Claims Business

Millions of customers have turned to claims management companies to file PPI claims against banks in the UK. Many of these customers have been happy with the services they have received, but others feel that the companies they worked with have used abusive practices. Some claims management companies have come under scrutiny for their outreach strategies. The Minister of Justice (MoJ) recently announced that it will be going after any claims management firms that use predatory marketing practices.
Banks Await Solutions

The country’s banks are some of the least sympathetic companies. Many people were initially ecstatic when they were forced to repay PPI claims. However, many customers were soon plagued by spam text messages and late night phone calls from claims companies promising to help them get their money back. The more unscrupulous claims management firms have since taken a lot of flak for these tactics.

The banks are equally upset with the tactics that some CMCs have used. They have been forced to review thousands of claims that were filed by these firms. Many of the claims were upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Services, but others were found to be bogus. The banks said that financial regulations need to be revised so that these practices do not persist.

Banks Convene With MoJ

Representatives from the British Bankers Association held a meeting with Ministry of Justice officials earlier this week. Anthony Browne, head of the BBA, said that the aggressive marketing practices some firms employ are harmful to both citizens and the banks. Browne said that some CMCs go out of their way to take advantage of poor people. 

He said that these people tend to be more inclined to work with a PPI claims company that promises to help them earn back several thousand pounds or more. Browne said that these people are often exploited by claims firms that charge ridiculous fees for the quality of the services that they offer.

Ideas Proposed

The Ministry of Justice and the BBA have discussed a number of things that will need to be done moving forward. Some of the resolutions they feel are needed include:

  • Placing restrictions on texting and phone calls
  • Regulating the marketing messages CMCs are allowed to use to avoid misleading customers
  • Ensuring CMCs are more transparent with the types of services that they provide
The banks and MOJ both agree that these new policies will help weed out the dishonest claims companies. This will pave the way for more legitimate firms to assist people in the future.


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